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What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the aesthetic operation that occurs when the individual is taken from the strong, almost non-spoiled regions of the hair and transferred to the hair loss region. The area in which the hair is taken is usually the side and back of the head that the specialists call donor dominant. The hair in this region continues to grow throughout the life of the individual and never falls. Because these regions are coded not to be spilled. The hair taken from this area does not lose these qualities for the genes after they have been processed in the bald area. Therefore, hair transplantation gives the best results when done by the Professional experts. So the Donor dominance is the scientific basis that brings success in hair transplantation.

Hair Loss

Nowadays, many people are faced with hair loss and baldness problems. Sometimes it can happen at this disturbing level and without distinction between age and gender. These can be due to genetic predispositions, excessive weight gain or loss, metabolic changes after pregnancy and lactation in women, side effects from drug use, aging. Everyone knows about these reasons actually. But they cannot find definitive and lasting solutions. People propose to each other a remedy, herbal remedies and medicines. However, it is uncertain that they are healthy, safe and permanent. In this regard, as technology advances, with the emergence of new instruments, hair loss and baldness are no longer fate. People can get hair transplantation in a sterile operating room with the help of experts. This is usually done with local anesthesia.


The Methods Used in Hair Transplantation

There are many methods used in the process of hair transplantation and new methods are being developed every day. According to the region where the hair is supplied, the region where the hair is planted and the operations performed, the operation of the hair plant is divided into the categories. Some of them, Fue hair transplantation, Fut hair transplantation, hair plantation on the top, hair plantation under the prosthesis, forward squeeze sowing, sparse hair plant, burned hair plantation, hair transplantation from the body hair and synthetic hair transplantation. Those methods are the ones in our list for now.


Many quests, such as cheap PRP or hair follicles, can sometimes lead to negative results. Aesthetic operations are frequently performed today. Aesthetic surgery, which has been practiced since almost 17 years of age, is an expensive industry. So, when people want to make aesthetics at more economical prices, the results that would be wasted in the hands of non-specialists can be taken in places called under the stairs.


Why Should Cheap PRP Be Avoided?

It is possible to talk about a certain average, although there is no clear price for PRP. However, very cheap applications should be avoided.

PRP application must be done by specialist doctors. In aesthetic interventions such as cheap PRP that unconscious and non-doctoral aestheticians should never do, the health of a person can go into serious danger.

The problem of lip aesthetics in a case that happened to a nurse several months ago has caused the aesthetic disaster. Such cheap practices often result in failure. So it must be paid attention to.

PRP Risks

Using a wrong injector causes many problems because the PRP without a serious risk is applied with very small injectors. It is imperative that the real people who are required for a healthy practice are preferred. Due to the risky situations, it is absolutely necessary to practice in hospitals.

How much are PRP prices?

Nowadays PRP prices applied in private hospitals are not cheap. An average price can be determined according to the market conditions. Therefore, it is very important that the application you need is done in the forms known to the hospitals.

If cheap PRP is the case, you are likely to face a problem. The aesthetic applications you want to take advantage of in many hospitals are made by specialist doctors. If you want to get information from these doctors, they will be directed to the most professional teams as they are experts in different aesthetic fields.

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