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Causes of hair loss and what is triggers the hair loss is a very important issue for many people who are especially faced with the problem of hair loss. Because, in order to be able to intervene against hair loss, it is necessary to know the reasons first. If the cause is known, the cause of hair loss can be prevented by removing the cause. The only and most important thing to do against hair loss, which is genetically the main reason why some parts can not be prevented, is hair transplantation. For this reason, necessary precautions should be taken against hair loss problems. If psychological and physical troubles are experienced due to hair loss, hair transplant application should be preferred.

Causes of Hair loss

The causes of hair loss are found in a wide range of subjects. While some of these reasons can be avoided, some causes can not be remedied. The reasons for hair loss are as follows;

Genetic Factors: More than 50 percent of hair loss occurs with genetic reasons. This is especially evident in later ages. This kind of hair loss can not be passed on because it is caused by genes.

Skin Problems: Diseases and problems in hair dermatology can cause hair loss. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to treat the problematic deep.

Uniform Nutrition: Irregular and uniform nutrition can cause hair loss problems in people.

Vitamin and Mineral Deffiancy: Minerals such as vitamin D, B12, zinc, iron and folic acid that are necessary for hair can lead to hair loss that can not be taken into the body adequately.

Hormonal Problems: Hormonal imbalances and problems that occur in people can lead to hair loss.

Types of Internal Diseases and Excessive Drug Use: Excessive and unnecessary declaration usage as well as medicines used in the treatment of internal diseases can cause hair loss.

Chemotherapy Therapy: The application of chemotherapy, especially for cancer patients, causes hair loss. As a result of the treatment, the hair can go back to its old longevity.

Unnecessary Usage of Cosmetic Products: Cosmetic products are frequently used especially by women. Some cosmetic products cause hair loss and hair weakness. For this reason, cosmetics should not be used for unnecessary hair.

What triggers the hair loss?

The cause of hair loss and what triggers it is very important. And the trigger nenders have become much more important nowadays. Because of these triggering factors, the chance of success in the treatment and applications that are discovered will be greatly reduced. The causes of hair loss are as follows;
Stress and Depression: At the beginning of the causes of hair loss is the most triggering and accelerating stress and depression. These two reasons are among the most important health problems of our time. Today’s conditions of life cause people to live in a very stressful way and get depressed. In this period, hair loss is increasing at a great rate. Emergency psychologists should be consulted in such cases.


We are wondering how many people are searching for search before and after hair transplantation images on the search results before the hair transplantation.

These are people who are interested in planting hair on their behalf or in the name of their environment, or who are considering doing it themselves.When hair transplantation is first mentioned, it is natural to imagine the results of 15 days, 3 months, 6 months after many bald people have done hair transplantation. But this is only the aesthetic part. There are many issues to consider before and after hair transplantation. If there are diseases such as hormonal diseases, vitamin minerelle deficiency, anemia before hair transplantation, these should be treated medically. Drugs that are used later and known diseases should definitely be reported to the health center.

Your hair transplant center will probably want some of your infectious disease and blood related values. Please submit them in full for proper treatment planning.

When you reach the end of your hair, you will need to follow the medical treatments, warnings and care that will be written to you. The process of recovery in your encephalopathy and in the sowing district is directly related to your correct treatment of this issue. Rareness and small openings can be seen in your incisions after hair transplantation. They usually disappear within 3 months. Feelings such as numbness, stiffness, itchiness, and tingling are also quite normal and time-consuming.

After the 3-day main recovery period is over, you should wash and moisten your hair every day with the recommended products. This will speed up your return to normal sooner.
The hair extensions usually begin to grow from the first day, 1-2. moon is a spill that we call shocking. Do not be afraid this spill is temporary. Your hair will start to grow stronger from the third month and will find its full form in 6-12 months.

When we first refer to hair transplantation afterwards, we only try to explain the process of hair transplantation and its afterglow by referring to these processes so that only the images related to the outcome of the mind come. Now is the most enjoyable time, so it’s time to share your photos. We decide here with your new hair …… we will have plenty of smiling happy tomorrows.



What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the aesthetic operation that occurs when the individual is taken from the strong, almost non-spoiled regions of the hair and transferred to the hair loss region. The area in which the hair is taken is usually the side and back of the head that the specialists call donor dominant. The hair in this region continues to grow throughout the life of the individual and never falls. Because these regions are coded not to be spilled. The hair taken from this area does not lose these qualities for the genes after they have been processed in the bald area. Therefore, hair transplantation gives the best results when done by the Professional experts. So the Donor dominance is the scientific basis that brings success in hair transplantation.

Hair Loss

Nowadays, many people are faced with hair loss and baldness problems. Sometimes it can happen at this disturbing level and without distinction between age and gender. These can be due to genetic predispositions, excessive weight gain or loss, metabolic changes after pregnancy and lactation in women, side effects from drug use, aging. Everyone knows about these reasons actually. But they cannot find definitive and lasting solutions. People propose to each other a remedy, herbal remedies and medicines. However, it is uncertain that they are healthy, safe and permanent. In this regard, as technology advances, with the emergence of new instruments, hair loss and baldness are no longer fate. People can get hair transplantation in a sterile operating room with the help of experts. This is usually done with local anesthesia.


The Methods Used in Hair Transplantation

There are many methods used in the process of hair transplantation and new methods are being developed every day. According to the region where the hair is supplied, the region where the hair is planted and the operations performed, the operation of the hair plant is divided into the categories. Some of them, Fue hair transplantation, Fut hair transplantation, hair plantation on the top, hair plantation under the prosthesis, forward squeeze sowing, sparse hair plant, burned hair plantation, hair transplantation from the body hair and synthetic hair transplantation. Those methods are the ones in our list for now.


Many people ask same question everyday. The question is : Why Hair Transplantation in Istanbul?

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul is the first choice for hair transplantation tourism. Moreover, in this city, which is preferred all seasons, many private hospitals successfully carry out hair cultivation with their accomodation centers and other solution partners. Many people who want to have hair transplantation often have the same day of hair transplantation.

Where are hair transplants done?

Hair transplantation is done in hospitals. There are centers where hair transplantation is to be made all over our country. A specialist team is working for the hair implant procedure, especially preferred by private hospitals. Prices also vary depending on the number of hair grafts to be taken. Because of this, different technologies are used everywhere, so the prices also change.

You can find a professional team such as Istanbul and Ankara, as well as a frequently made business. These cities have large hospitals. Our hospital is in Istanbul where is very close to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Making Hair transplanting

Not only men but women also have hair transplantations. It is possible to transplant hair in different regions. When it is necessary to have hair transplantation, many people will be examined first and they will receive an offer. After the bids, it is revealed how many grafts or sessions the hair plantation will be made of.

Hair Transplant Risks

Hair transplantation has not an important risk factor. Some people think if hair will not grow after hair transplantation. Under normal circumstances such a situation is certainly not the case. Do not get caught up in such thoughts without talking our experts. In addition to the technological equipments and processing experience, the prices are more favorable for metropolises such as Istanbul. When there are many doctors and hospitals in these metropolises, the risks that may occur in hair transplantation are tried to be minimized.

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